Cloth Diapering Two Under Two

Just when I was in the middle of potty training Twisha, we got to know about Keisha. I didn’t give up and she was potty trained by 18 months. This was a mistake. A HUGE MISTAKE. Post Keisha’s birth, Twisha’s potty training took a U-turn and she was back in diapers. Now with two kids in diapers, it was difficult. And more than difficult, it got expensive. Spending 15 bucks per diaper was huge. That meant Rs. 3o for a single diaper change. That into approximately 4/5 diaper change per day meant 150 bucks per day… Was I ready for an empty wallet? Of course not!! Both Sneh and I made a conscious switch to cloth diapers. And tried to live it as much as possible. We have started following the 80/20 ratio of Cloth diaper vs Disposables this monsoon. What are the perks of cloth diapering Two kids under two and how do I manage?.!! Here we go!!
1. More colourful a stash
I don’t have a hefty stash. I have around 25 cloth diapers and that’s enough for the girls. Trust me, it’s colourful. Truly speaking, just like clothes, the girls twin their cloth diapers too. Making it an ADORABLE FLUFF MATCH.
2. What’s mine is yours and vice versa.
Twisha loves her Dinosaur CD from Bumberry. It was super cute when she offered it for Keisha one fine day. The snaps and buttons are adjustable and yes, I can have Keisha and Twisha wear the same diaper at two different times. Isn’t that awesome!
3. Money Saved is Money Earned
I learnt this from my MIL. She would save money by bargaining where ever she could and proudly call that her own. Why did I mention this here? There are discount coupons that can be found online for various CD brand. Offline, you can try and return when unsatisfied with certain brands. Also, remember the Math we did earlier on money saved. Ask a mother of Two of the financial strain due to diapering two kids, she’ll say, ‘Alleluia. Cloth Diapers saved my wallet.’
4. Wash Cycle
After a soak and rinse, I wash the CD along with normal clothes. No, it’s not gross but a huge time and money saver. They all go in together, get washed together and dried together. Is it a task? Not really. It’s the same as normal clothes.
5. Bring in the Funky Butt
Doesn’t the fluff bum looks gorgeous? With so many colours and designs, it’s difficult not to miss the sexy tush!! I honestly don’t mind them staying in the cloth diaper and a t-shirt all day. It’s so cute. Don’t you agree with that?
6. The benefit of the wet bag
When outdoors, ever wondered what to do with the soiled dirty CD. I just dunk it in the wet bag and put it in the diaper bag. No mess. Cleant like a boss. FYI, I use the wet bag for many other reasons too. Like storing wet clothes and puked clothes. Hmmm.. I’m sure you know.
To conclude, I am nursing two kids. Bathing two kids. Planning activities and playing with two kids. Cloth diapering Two under two is not rocket science. It does need lots of patience and a prayer. A prayer that starts with, ‘Dear Lord. Please let her not poop in the new cloth diaper. Amen’
WhatsApp Image 2018-07-15 at 9.33.14 AM
This blog post is a part of ‘Conscious Diapering and Sustainable Living’. A blog train sponsored by Bumberry hosted by  Me  &  Rashmi. Here 18 Supermoms have joined hands to share their perspective on cloth diapering and living an eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle. Thanks and a huge hug to Perzen, her hacks to help family embrace Cloth diapering is so relatable. Also, do check out Mahak’s blog and see 18 things you will be able to understand and relate to as a cloth diapering mum.
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3 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering Two Under Two

  1. You are right, washing CD with other clothes does save a lot of water and energy!!


  2. It definitely makes a lot of economic sense when you have 2 diapered babies. Also all the fluffy bums!


  3. Cloth diapering two kids together is surely economically and environmentally conscious.


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