Yet Another Reason to Experiment with Your Gorgeous Mane.

*This is a sponsored post. However, the views mentioned are of my own.

A throwback to a moment in childhood between a friend and me. We often considered each other as soul sisters. I have always had long, straight, thick black hair while she had these gorgeous, cotton candy curls. We’ve been together since class 1 and I always loved playing with her hair. We were each other’s play dates and would often talk about exchanging each other’s tresses for a day. Years later as college life hit us, we began experimenting. She tried straight hair while I tried curls. She coloured her hair while I got a tattoo. We’ve been experimenting ever since and in the bargain managed to damage our hair. Our craving for this experimentation stopped when we saw hair fall & frizzy hair. These were signs of the damage we had caused over time. Keratin treatment, long hours in the saloon took a hit on our wallets. We wished we could reverse the damage caused by our deed and yes, still be experimenting with our hair. The commercials on the television would keep tempting us time and again. Luring us to begin the streak all over again but hey, what do we do of the damage caused.

I recently chanced upon Divatress. I loved the name. Made of two words, Diva and Tress; the thought of the company resonates with my own. I truly believe a smile and good hair aid a good first impression. Divatress is an e-commerce company that makes…WIGS… yes wigs for women like me. They have an amazing shopping experience and offer fast delivery all over the world. They have an extensive range of lace front wigs that cater to many wallets making one look like a diva. I have seen one and trust me, it covers the hairline in the most natural way.


So, let’s say goodbye to damaged hair and hello to hair experimenting. After all, we love styling our hair. Moreover, we love looking like a Diva. Right?

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4 thoughts on “Yet Another Reason to Experiment with Your Gorgeous Mane.

  1. prismaroundgurjeet June 1, 2018 — 5:13 PM

    What a great change in beauty products now a day. Lovely hair wig that do not resembles as wig


  2. Yes we all want to look like diva . And this hair varietires from the company will surely help us give our desires look.


  3. The wigs look elegant. A great way to experiment with looks. Thanks for sharing 😊


  4. Agree with you here, distress is surely a great way to look like a diva. Love their collection


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