From the Womb to the World: The 4th Trimester.

The Fourth Trimester? Are you making up this term?

Yesterday, we celebrated K’s 3rd month. It felt like just yesterday, I felt those tiny kicks in the womb. Bringing back memories of our first sonography and making me weak once again. Here we are K and I, done with the final leg of our pregnancy AKA ‘The Fourth Trimester.’ So, what is the big deal with this trimester?

Let me put it this way. Imagine yourself in a warm, comfortable, cozy place. A place you call home. A place that provides you constant nourishment. A place that’s dim. Where you’re continuously snugged up. Where everything around you is calm and soft. Where you hear faded sounds continuously and you can sleep as long as you want. In short, a place where life is effortless and you have nothing to worry about. And suddenly, thud!!! You’re pushed out of that place. Pushed to a place that’s quite the contrary to once what you called home. A place that is chaos, loud, bright. Where everything is too fast and you feel extremely disoriented. You need to cry for things and nothing is just available. Ouch!! Right? Well, this is exactly what babies undergo and this is a very delicate transition they’re forced to make from ‘Womb to the World.’ This transition phase is called the ‘Fourth Trimester’ as the baby adjusts itself to the Earthlife and has to undergo continuous change and development.

I know it is impossible to recreate the womb experience for the bub. However, here are a few techniques that have helped both Baby T and K make this transition. One needs to keep in mind that every baby is unique and with time, one will learn what works best for the baby.

  • Swaddling

I swear by this and have seen both the girls sleep comfortably because of this. A good swaddle tends to recreate the womb snug feel that the baby misses the most.

  • Skin to skin

This is an absolute divine a feeling and is something that benefits both the baby and the mum. The act helps stabilize the baby’s temperature. The warmth and the unscented mamma’s smell is absolutely familiar thus acting as a natural calmer. The intimate sound of mothers heartbeat helps to manage the child’s own.

  • Baby Wearing

This one is a mombo combo of the above two. According to me, it’s the ultimate, full proof way to calm a little baby and help adjust to the outside world and various stimulation as they grow. Babywearing tends to recreate the gentle movement and snug comfort that the baby gets in the womb.

  • White Noise

The gentle shushing has always come to my rescue. It tends to mimic the sound in the womb that is familiar. There are a few applications available online which can be played in the background to lull the baby off to sleep.

  • Feeding

With T, I still BF her on demand. That’s the Law of nature that helps us nurture them. Unfortunately, I EP for K. After all, Fed is Best. I have always kept the feed baby led. There are times when K sucks her thumb as a pacifier or for sheer comfort.

  • Co-sleeping

We love to cuddle and snuggle before bedtime. I constantly hug my girls [yes one on each side] in the night and this is a huge benefit of co-sleeping. Both of them sleep a deep sleep because they know I am close by. They can feel me and touch me in their sleep. Honestly, it’s a win-win for us as we both grab our well-needed sleep.

These 3 months are extremely crucial and the transition is difficult not just for babies but for mum’s as well. It is hence important to relax and enjoy this special bonding time with your newbie. After all, one fine day they will grow up and won’t be this dependent on you!

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1 thought on “From the Womb to the World: The 4th Trimester.

  1. Beautifully written 👍
    I really love sleeping with my kids. We ordered a big bed (Super huge)after the birth of Adira just because I feel complete when babies are around.


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