Getting Your Child Used to The Car Seat

This is a sponsored post. All opinions mentioned are my own.

For the longest period of time, T did not warm up to the car seat. It took a while for her to get her used to it. Now, for her, travelling in the car is equivalent to she sitting in her ‘special’ seat; no matter how long or short the journey is. So how exactly did we manage to get her in the car seat?


1. Do your homework
Car seat equates to your child’s safety. It is crucial to do a proper research before making the purchase. We bought the car seat for T when she was just a month young. We spoke to seniors at work (experience counts) and then some window shopping. Speaking to the sales executives at multiple stores will confuse and clear you at the same time.

2. The manual and installation
Yeah, I know. Manuals are just plain boring and too plain jane. But when it comes to your kids, do you really want to take that risk of faulty installation. We didn’t. Mr S sat and read the manual and was quite a pro at the installation of the car seat (It took him only an hour to install it for the first time, and 2 min everytime post that). We have installed it in the back seat of our car; by far the safest place as it has a minimum impact during accidents.

3. The harness
We make sure that T has her harness just fine. Not too tight to choke her and not too loose for her to wobble around. The fit is absolutely snug.

4. Immovable seat
Extremely crucial when travelling. A good car seat does not move an inch. We check this everytime we step out.

5. Upgrade and expiry
Just like your baby diapers, a car seat also has an expiry date and yes, kids do outgrow them. It’s super important to keep this in check time to time by checking if the height weight capacity of the child is met. It keeps them comfortable and safe after all.

Very soon, I will be buying another car seat for little K. Also, we’re planning to upgrade our car keeping our growing family needs. Thankfully editors have been installing car seats into vehicles to test both fit and room. They have a list of cars, SUVs, vans and pickup trucks that can comfortably and safely accommodate not just two but three car seats across a backseat. So if you are planning to take your kids out for a spin, go through the what the experts have to say and ensure the safety of your rugrat. Click here [Three Car Seat Cars] to know more.

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