20 Random Things About Me

Welcome to my world, it is filled with ups and downs. With a dash of humour and happiness. What better way to start a blog by talking about the most random things that make me. ME.


  1. My maiden name was Genevieve Angelina Lopes. I changed it to Genevieve Anand post marriage. Genevieve means ‘Woman of the people’ and Anand means ‘happiness’ making me a ‘Happy Woman’.
  2. Born, brought up, and living in Mumbai, India. I am a pure Mumbaichi Mulgi. I know to speak English, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani and yes Gujarati. I looove to learn a new language whenever possible.
  3. I am 27 years young. Wife to handsome and loving Mr S and mom to two adorable little girls T and K. I am a March baby and love Spring where nature comes alive and the flowers and everything around me is in full glory. The air is just perfect for a beach vacay which makes me go weak in my knees.
  4. By nature, I’m a night person. I am usually up until wee hours in the morning but can never wake up the morning. Most of my eureka moments are in the night. This is a quality I have handed down to my kids as well (#facepalm).
  5. I tend to be a little unpredictable and just like that is my love for music. My playlist switches as per my mood. Thank God for Youtube and various music apps.
  6. I love food. Period. Mr S and I are complete foodies and we’ve driven 40-50 km at times for good food in the past.
  7. I come from a humble background and have seen my parents struggle to make ends meet. This gave me a perfect rustic childhood. Spent most of my days playing in the mud and using the tree roots as swing.
  8. The TV was a rare commodity during my childhood and not so much fun. Most of the afternoons during my vacations, I would go to the beach with other kids from my building to catch crabs and fishes. It was just perfect.
  9. As a kid, I always wanted to be a ‘MOM’. Whenever I was asked about my plans as grown up my prompt response would be ‘Mommy’
  10. I gifted myself a tattoo on my 21st birthday. I had given my parents the option of a hair colour and a tattoo. I got inked.
  11. Relationship with Mr S began as sheer friends. Neither of us intended to fall in love. But we did and how! 4 years and 2 kids later. I am still as crazy about him.
  12. Together, Mr S and I have created this list of crazy things we want to do. With time, we grew up and the list went missing. Time to revive that I guess.
  13. I’ve always wanted to own a bike as a kid. We recently bought an RE. Pretty soon, I’m going to ride it.
  14. I used to sing, dance and paint. I’m quite a DIY fanatic and get this kick while doing stuff.
  15. I tend to procrastinate a lot. Eg: I’ve wanted to create a blog for donkeys years. Here I am finally doing it.
  16. My favourite colour is none. Yes, none. I used to love Black for the longest time but now I don’t really have a favourite colour.
  17. I was a tomboyish as a kid. I learnt to whistle as a child and would put the boys in trouble by whistling at girls passing by just for fun. *Evil nah??!!
  18. I have my gang of girls who are very close to me. Some things are like wine. They get better with time. They are my comfort zone and though we stay far from each other, I know we are close.
  19. As for blogging, I began my journey on Instagram around T’s birthday. Prior to that, Instagram was merely a social media platform where I would randomly post pictures. With time I discovered a whole new side of me which Mr S knew existed. But I never agreed to it. [Mr S is my constant support here] I discovered the joy of writing and documenting life which otherwise would fill my feeble, almost torn diary.
  20. This past year I’ve made more close friends via social media than I have through ‘real life.’ After all its so simple to meet people with similar interests as your at the click of a button.

Why begin my blog this way? Sometime back on Instagram there was a wave similar to this and it was fun knowing quirky and random things about people. It might tempt you to jot down facts about yourself so go ahead, mention in the comments below. Let’s build a bond that will get us to know each other better.

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Location Somewhere in Mumbai. E-mail lifeofgen@gmail.com Hours Super tied-up with 2 kids. Write to me. Whenever possible, will contact you back.
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